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Problem Recommended blink® product Solution Top Tip
Eye Dryness Symptoms1,2,3 blink® intensive blink® Intensive provides long lasting relief, it lubricates and hydrates the eyes4,5,6 Can be purchased in single use handy preservative free vials, great for on the go relief6
Dryness Symptoms PLUS  Sensitive Eyes1,2,3,7  blink® intensive Vials blink® Intensive provides long lasting relief for preservative sensitive eyes 4,5 Is in single use handy preservative free vials, great for on the go relief6
More Severe Eye Dryness Symptoms8,9 blink® intensive PLUS blink® Intensive PLUS is a moisturising gel that immediately soothes and comforts and provides extra long last relief7,8 Can be used both day and night time for extended relief 8,9
Dry Feeling Contact Lenses10,11  blink® contacts blink® Contacts moisturises dry feeling contact lenses and uses sodium hyaluronate to form a moisture cushion that helps eyes stay refreshed and comfortable 10,11  When your lenses feel dry, use Blink Contacts Eye Drops to lubricate your eyes while you wear your lenses or prior to lens application 4,5,10,11,12
Dry-feeling, sore, watery or irritated eyes blink® intensive TRIPLE ACTION Combining liposomes, sodium hyaluronate and vitamin-E. These TRIPLE ACTION eye drops stabilise the tear film and are formulated to soothe, moisturise and protect dry feeling or irritated eyes  Suitable to use with contact lenses. 
Dry Feeling, Tired eyes blink® refreshing eye mist blink® Refreshing Eye mist is a lubricating, moisturising and refreshingsolution  Spray onto the open eye for relief from dry - feeling, tired or irritated eyes.
Contacts Lenses that can cause irritation and discomfort13 blink'n'clean® Blink-N-Clean® Lens Drops provides relief with every blink by gently removing particles and material that can cause discomfort.7,13 Use Blink-N-Clean conveniently cleans and moisturises your lenses while you wear them.13



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